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Surface grinding machine 3L741

Model: 3Л741

Surface grinding machine with a round table model 3L741.

The machine is after a major overhaul and a deep modernization of the electrical part, with the installation of a CNC system.

The surface grinding machine 3L741, equipped with a round table, allows using the periphery of the wheel to grind as accurately as possible parts made of ferromagnetic materials. In the process of processing the latter, there is a whole list of high-order requirements regarding accuracy, cleanliness and, which is especially important, the parallelism of surfaces. Model 3L741 with the same high quality allows you to grind conical surfaces that have both flat and convex and concave shapes

.Brief technical characteristics:

Limit dimensions of the workpiece to be installed, mm:

- height, mm 4..350 - diameter, mm 50..660

- the largest mass of the workpiece to be installed, kg 300

- diameter of the working surface of the table, mm 630

- spindle speed, rpm 1460

- limits of table rotation frequency, rpm 8 - 32

- transverse movement of the rack, mm 430

- vertical movement of the grinding head, mm 415

- overall dimensions with attachments (LxWxH), mm 2860x2730x2660