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Surface grinding machine 3D722

Model: 3Д722

Surface grinding machine model 3D722.

The machine is after a major overhaul (2020).

Model 3d722 machines are designed for dimensional grinding of flat surfaces of various products made of ferromagnetic materials by the periphery of the circle.


Table dimensions, mm 320x1250

Spindle speed per minute 1440-2880

Number of tools 1

Number of controlled coordinates (total / simultaneously) 37624

Type of feed drive along the axes of coordinates (z, y / x)

Electromechanical / Hydraulic Feed drive power along the coordinate axis (z, y / x), kW 1.2 / 3.5

Limits of working feeds along the coordinate axes (y / z / x), mm / min 0.05-3 / 0.005-0.3 / 949906

Number of feeds Stepless regulation Rapid movement speed along the coordinate axes (y, z / x), mm / min 300/4500

Max length of movement along the axes of coordinates (y / z / x), mm: 400/400/1600

Discreteness of reading along the axes of coordinates (y / z / x) 0.002 / 0.5 / 5

Main drive type AC motor

The number of speeds of the drive of the main movement (total / according to the program) 37289

Main drive motor power, kW 11.5-14.0

Accuracy P

Dimensions (mm) 4450x2190x2360

Weight (kg) 9500